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Are you happy with your company’s sales performance?

Do you know why there is no sales growth? Do you know why your sales are stagnating or going down?

You need to carry out a performance audit of your sales and marketing departments. If you do not know the reason for stagnating sales, there is no way you make any further progress, and your sales will keep falling.

The reasons might be quite evident, but you still need a fresh view and the opinion of an independent expert to confirm your assumptions. You need to carry out an audit of your sales and marketing departments.

Each company has its own unique features, even if you are still unaware of them. Keep in mind these are the main drivers for your future progress; although, often you have to first identify such a competitive edge and polish it to be presented in the most advantageous way. You will need to carry out an audit of your sales and marketing departments and do a competitor profile analysis. This will help you to expose and boost your hidden benefits.

Try to carry out an independent audit of your sales and marketing departments. We will find new options to boost your sales at minimum cost. Your company always has a place to expand. In our experience, we found no evidence to the contrary.

Your personnel’s performance needs an outside perspective. As a rule, your employees are not at all hopeless, and they only need reasonable management. We will identify your challenges, if any, provide you with advice, comment on the relevance of proactive selling (with the most vivid examples!) and hold practice training sessions, if needed. You will quickly see the results.

It is known that– if you want to see results you have not seen before, you need to do things you have not done before. It is about time you update your sales strategy and your motivation system. The most widespread challenge involves sellers who are not results-oriented. Their lack of motivation may have dozens reasons.

Recommended procedure: process evaluation – recommendations – practical training – new outcomes.

A recession is the best challenge for talents! Your customers are becoming increasingly selective and your competitors and you are increasingly trying to save resources. This is the best time to find out what elements to use to make your company the leader, and then become a leader! We recommend that you immediately make a SWOT Analysis of your business, market and competitors (independently or using our services) and find out what factors will boost your progress.

For a meaningful breakthrough, you will require new and non-standard solutions, which are our main specialties.

Dealer network management is the most complex task in business. Yet, there is a way to streamline it! You need to carry out quality analysis of your dealer network performance and develop a new strategy to deal with it. Based on corporate data analysis, almost 40% arrive at a conclusion that they need full restructuring of their distribution channels. Their experience may help your company as well.

New product/service is a great chance to stand out. You should clearly understand what has to be done to make your customers aware of your product as soon as possible. Time is of essence!

What has to be done here? There are promotion efforts, which are low-cost, but very efficient. Keep in mind that sellers’ work must be managed adequately. Product management and product promotion are interesting areas of our business, which may open up amazing horizons for you. Feel free to contact us for more advice. We will find a customized solution to promote your new product or services. They are worth showing to all customers.

There may be very many reasons for this. The bad news is that not all these things are within our control. The good news is that you can control most things. You only have to learn how to do this. We recommend that you carry out an analysis of your sales department, customer loyalty and their repeat purchases from your company.

You know well that your products have their own target buyers. Do you know your potential customers? Does your sales department maintain a reasonable database?

If you cannot improve your product quality, then you need to offer the best quality service to promote your products on the market.

Carry out an audit of your sales department and competitive environment as soon as possible and identify and/or create your competitive edge.

Question 1: What brought this about?

The answer “our goods are of better quality” often seems unconvincing. If you have strong reasons, they have to be well known and effectively presented to the customers. It takes special skills to do this. What can be done here?

1. Carry out an analysis to identify cost-cutting options for goods/service promotion.

2. Audit your sales and marketing departments.

3. Develop a strategy to gain the maximum market share.

4. Train your sales managers to distribute expensive hi-tech products.

Please state any other reasons, which hinder your sales growth, and we will contact you as soon as possible to help you grow your sales.


This happens way too often. As soon as we have our processes in place, competitors arrive, beat down prices and flood the market with goods or services… Things happen this way all too often. It is important to make your company promptly respond to market changes and use maximum flexibility. You need to pursue your profit and customer loyalty, rather than market share. Audit the current market situation to reveal possible larger problems at an early stage.

Accounts receivable that have grown too large, may cripple the company’s whole business. You need to check as soon as possible, whether or not your existing strategy in customer or dealer relations is relevant and competitive. It is about time you change your standard relations with counterparties. This is not as hard as it may seem. Audit the current status of your sales and purchases.

This is a very good driver for your company. It will make all members stronger. However, do not procrastinate; otherwise, you will boost your competitors.

You have to identify your unique proposal, which may interest your customers. This is a good reason for prompt audit of the sales and marketing departments. Create your own competitive advantage. You never know, maybe you will thank your competitors in the future for what they are doing today?

Please notify us of any challenges you have in your sales growth. We will discuss the matter. We will help you to meet your challenge. We will work together to increase your sales.




Welcome to the Sales Progress website. We are the company that will provide you with a gateway to sales success!

The companies draw their vital energy from stable sales. And if this source of life force seems to exhaust, if the profits drop low for some reason, the whole company is affected. Of course, executives search for answers and sometimes they are able to find the solution on their own. But in most cases help comes from third-party independent professionals getting insights on the company operations from an external objective point of view and possessing skills and experience of building efficient sales systems from a scratch.

So, you are a company owner or, may be, a Sales or Marketing Department Manager. You are proud of your business and committed to put every effort into its future. But you are not happy about your sales. You think that the resources you have allow you to achieve better results and higher profits.

Well, you are right!

The thing you need now is an opinion of an independent expert, a skilled professional with the relevant track record and a fascinating insight into business. Just a few days – that’s the time such a professional will need to get to the roots of the challenges you face. And after that you will get support and help without losing your valuable time.

Sales Progress is a team of such professionals, experienced sales directors with many years of real-life practice and training and a background of working with well-known Western and Russian companies and, what matters most, impressive track records in sales.

Our services:

· sales and marketing performance evaluation;

· high -efficiency practical training for salespersons and sales managers based on your business practices and experience;

· unrevealing your unique added value – making you to stand out among competitors;

· annual budget and sales planning consulting;

· and much more.

For more details, see Services

See the Online Guidebook to find the services you want to tap on from the very start.

The result you get is –upsurge in your sales combined with stability and predictability of growth.

Do not hesitate to contact us at right now. We will discuss your questions, help to find a solution and inspire your further success.

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